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Sheep's Milk Cheeses
Pecorino l’Ulivo Pecorino l’Ulivo
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Abbaye de Belloc, Pasteurized - A true Basque-style cheese hand made by monks from their own sheep high in the Pyrenees mountains. Gently pasteurized, this 6 month old is slightly pilant and has a smooth, nutty flavor that begs for berries. - For View Only
Manchego 3 Month, Pasteurized - The most popular cheese to be exported from Spain, this young Manchego hasn't had time to assert itself yet. Pliant and smooth, this mild sheep's cheese has hints of the great nutty flavor it is so well known for in older varieties. - For View Only
Ossau Iraty, Raw - In the Pyrenees Atlantiques region of southwest France is the Valley d'Aspe, a winding mountain home that has provided some of the best examples of raw sheep's milk. Aged 5 months, the dense pate is developed and nutty. - For View Only
Pecorino Romano, Pasteurized - Aged at least 9 months, our gently pasteurized sheep's milk from Lazio is one of the saltiest cheeses in our repertoire. Dense and rich, the firm pate is suited to shaving or grating as a little of this flavor goes a long way! - For View Only
Pecorino di Pienza, Pasteurized - Artisinally produced in Pienza, this 2 month old cheese is gently pasteurized for a pate that is supple and light with a mild sheepy flavor developing in the finish. - For View Only
Zamorano, Raw - This raw sheep's milk is richer and bloder than Manchego with which it shares a receipe. Instead of using La Mancha sheep as Manchego does, Zamorano is made with milk from Churra sheep who produce the highest grade of sheep milk. - For View Only
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